Photo – WOAS-FM 88.5 DJ Anna Fuller and Senior Service Project volunteer Lori Wardynski are our ‘go to’ recycle managers for this school year.

WOAS-FM 88.5 continues to collect inkjet and laserjet cartridges as well as cell phones. These items are used to help Ontonagon County be a ‘greener’ place to live and  also help fund our station.  With our county’s small population, it would seem that recycling of these materials  would have  minimal impact.  The following statistics should lay that myth to rest:

Although we have been collecting recyclables for the Funding Factory program for over twenty years, the statistics presented below represent just our totals for 2015.

> TONER CARTRIDGES – 313 collected = 663 pounds collected


> RESOURCES COLLECT – Plastic 86 lbs, Nylon 5 lbs, Steel 46 lbs, aluminum 4 lbs

> ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT EQUIVALENTS – Recycling saves non renewable natural resources and offsets harmful CO2 emissions.  Our 2015 environmental impact is equivalent to:

> Offsetting the annual greenhouse gas emissions from 1 passenger vehicle

>Offsetting CO2 emissions from the consumption of 722 gallons of gasoline

>Counterbalancing CO2 emissions from the consumption of 15 barrels of oil

>Staving off global warming via the intake and storage of carbon of 165 tree seedlings grown for 10 years

>Counterbalancing CO2 emissions from 268 propane cylinders used for home barbeques.

We must state again, that these figures are from our collections from one year.  One can only imagine the impact created by all of the Funding Factory program projects since its inception.

WOAS-FM is extremely grateful to everyone who chips in by delivering recyclables to the school or the township library and to those who call and ask for periodic pick ups.