The Ontonagon Area School District (OASD) is the oldest public school district in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and was first known as the Ontonagon Union School, being established in 1858-59 as a “free” or tax-supported school.  OASD, through a series of annexations, is one of the largest public school districts in terms of geographic area in the state of Michigan, covering the townships of Carp Lake, Greenland, Ontonagon, Rockland, and the southern portion of Bohemia.  Rockland and Greenland Township Schools joined with Ontonagon in 1965.  White Pine (Carp Lake Township) was annexed in 2008.

The student population of Ontonagon Area Schools peaked at 1600? in 1966. Since that time we’ve seen continual decline in student numbers, and our current population is around 300.  The district operated two campus locations from 1966 until 2010, when the Elementary School was moved into the Jr-Sr High building.

Schools in Ontonagon have been accredited by the North Central Association since 1912, when a new school building was constructed.  This building still stands and is now on the National Register of Historic Places, though no longer owned by the school district.

The Ontonagon Area School has enjoyed strong community support and has been involved in various community improvement activities.  We have graduated doctors, dentists, playwrights, writers, scientists, engineers, musicians, professional actors, and athletes through a proud tradition of educational excellence that spans over 150 years.