WOAS-FM still recycling
Snow isn’t the only thing piling up in Ontonagon this winter.  WOAS-FM continues to collect and recycle ink jet cartridges, laser jet cartridges, and cell phones.  When the program first began, only certain items could be recycled and redeemed for points in the Funding Factory program.  A recent change in the program now allows us to send ALL recycled items in for points.  Items that can not be re-manufactured are recycled and WOAS-FM is credited for the cash value of these recycled items.  In other words, our efforts to ‘go green’ have become even ‘greener’ just in time for St Patty’s day.  Drop off points include the box outside the OASD school library, the Ontonagon Township Library, and St Vincent DePaul’s.  If you have questions or items for pick up, please contact us at ken@oasd.k12.mi.us or at 813 – 0614 Ext 109.
RecyclingPictured are Kinsey Weisinger (l) and Miranda Silver (r) who have taken over the recycling duties this year.  They are responsible for all of our out going shipments as well as firing up the station each day and seeing that the day shift will have everything in place when they wander in to do their shift.  These two eighth graders are the youngest ‘day shift’ radio staffers we have ever employed at WOAS-FM  88.5