Where does a hat go on vacation?                         hat

When a volunteer does something nice for WOAS-FM, we tend to say ‘thank you’ by giving them a hat with the station logo on it.  We refer to it as ‘giving them the colors’.  Ontonagon summer resident Joe Farago provided the station with some ‘stingers’ that we are using to work up a station ID utilizing Joe’s talent for doing voices.  Joe was kind enough to send us the photo of the WOAS-FM hat vacationing at Niagra Falls.  Thanks to Joe, we now know where his hat goes on vacation.  If any one else out there has taken their WOAS-FM hat or shirt on vacation, we would love a copy to print up for our station wall.  Please send your photos to ken@oasd.k12.mi.us (and yes, the pictures can also include the folks who took the hat on vacation).​