The Ontonagon Board of Education

Photo of Tanya Weisinger, President of the Ontonagon School Board
Tanya Weisinger, President
Mrs. Weisinger was appointed to the Ontonagon Area School Board in November 2011 to fill a vacancy created by a resigning board member. She was elected to the School Board in 2012 for a four year term and serves as a Trustee. She and her husband, Clint, have two children, Jaden and Paige, both of whom attend the Ontonagon Area School. She is a 1991 graduate of the Ontonagon Area School. She is the treasurer for the Ontonagon Elementary Basketball Program, a member of the Ontonagon Booster Club, and serves on the Ontonagon School Board’s Athletic Committee and Policy Committee.

Julie Kolpack, Vice President

Tammy Strasser, Secretary
Mrs. Strasser was originally appointed to the Board of Education in 2013. She currently serves as the Board Secretary and is a member of the Administrative and Finance/Negotiations committees.
She is a graduate of Ontonagon Area Schools and has an educational and employment history in Business and Human Resources.
She and her husband, John, have two children.

Natalie Morgan, Treasurer

Renee Pantti, Trustee

Kelsey Kemppainen, Trustee

Josh Yaklyvich, Trustee

Meeting Minutes

DateMeeting TypeMinutes
January 15, 2018January - Reorganization/Regular MeetingMinutes
February 19, 2018February - Regular MeetingMinutes
March 12, 2018March - Special MeetingMinutes
March 19, 2018March - Regular MeetingMinutes
April 16, 2018April - Regular MeetingMinutes
May 21, 2018May - Regular MeetingMinutes
June 25, 2018June - Regular MeetingMinutes
July 16, 2018July - Regular MeetingMinutes
August 20, 2018August - Regular MeetingMinutes
September 17, 2018September - Regular MeetingMinutes
October 15, 2018October - Regular MeetingMinutes

Special and Rescheduled Board Meetings

Please check the table below for information on special or rescheduled board meetings.

DateRe-scheduled or Special?Notice
March 12, 2018Special Board MeetingNotice
November 19, 2018Re-scheduled for November 12, 2018Notice
November 12, 2018Re-scheduled Regular MeetingNotice
Apirl 23, 2019Special Board MeetingNotice
May 22, 2019Special Board MeetingNotice
June 10, 2019Special Board MeetingNotice
November 11, 2019Re-scheduled MeetingNotice
June 4, 2020Special Board MeetingNotice
June 29, 2020Re-scheduled/Special Board MeetingNotice
July 27, 2020Re-scheduled Board MeetingNotice
November 30, 2020Special Board MeetingNotice
June 10, 2021Special Board MeetingNotice
January 19, 2022Special Board Meeting
April 29, 2022Special Board MeetingNotice
May 4, 2022Special Board MeetingNotice
June 1, 2022Special Board MeetingNotice
June 22, 2022Special Board MeetingNotice
June 29, 2022Special Board MeetingNotice
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